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Curing Dog Separation Anxiety Quickly: A How to Guide

quick cure for separation anxiety in dogs

Just like humans, dogs too are social animals. Like us they too go through separation anxiety, the only difference being they show it through chewing, scratching, barking, peeing, defecating and whining which can be very conveniently mistaken as inadequate dog training. However, keep an eye for these symptoms and see if this behavior is generic or induced because of isolation. To understand separation anxiety better. Let’s first understand what makes our furry friends anxious. The Breed of your dog plays an important role in this context. Breeds which are naturally social and people pleasing are more prone to separation anxiety ...

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13 Gift ideas:What are you getting your dog for Christmas

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas is coming. You are planning to surprise your loved ones with awesome gifts. You have put a lot of thought into getting the gaming console for your kid, the perfect fishing equipment for your SO after taking inputs from his angling friends. You have even bought stuff for the neighbors and friends. But, what about your best buddy? The one who keeps you company at the worst of times and loves you to death. If only dogs could understand the significance of Christmas and celebrate it with us, the world would be ...

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Pink Dog Crates: Top 5 Cages, Kennels and Carriers

pink dog crate

5 Pink Dog Crates for your girl If you are on the hunt for a different crate for your dog, it’s possible to find one in one of your favorite colors. Many pet-owners search high and low for the right crate, not only to keep their pets safe while away, but to prevent their dog from creating a huge mess, while their pet parent is running errands. Usually, owners of female dogs will search high and low for pink dog crates not only to keep them safe and sound but to make let their girls make a fashion statement. A ...

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How to get select a right size dog crate

Selecting the right sized dog crate Started to house train your playful puppy? Is potty training getting too burdensome? A dog crate is an all-in-one solution for all your house training qualms. Especially, when you are potty training your tail wager, a crate could be an easy and fast resolution. House training is not the only thing for which a crate would be helpful, a crate is an important asset that every dog owner should invest in while traveling with your dog on road or by air. The first thing to decide when buying a crate is what type of ...

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First time Dog Owner Guide

dog care guide

Adopting a dog for the first time is an exciting prospect but can be an overwhelming one. A first-time pet parent isn’t aware of all the requirements of a dog and the ideal way to take care of a dog. In this series targeted towards the first time dog owner, we bring a number of articles that will help you on your path to being a responsible dog owner.    Are You Ready for a Dog? Dogs have been well known as the man’s best friend. Dogs demand a commitment for the long-term. A dog would need you and your family to accept ...

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Dog Crates that Look Like Furniture: 6 End, Side, Coffee table and More

furniture for dogs

Dog Crates that Look Like Furniture Sharing your home with dogs ensures happiness, fun, and companionship. It could also mean your house looks a bit like a pet store at times, with toys, blankets, bones, and crates everywhere. While you must provide these things to make your furry family members comfortable and safe, the décor of your home can still be pleasing to you.   In this article, we review five dog crates that look like furniture to modernize and enhance the traditional wire and plastic versions. Gone are the days when dog parents were forced to throw a blanket over ...

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