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The dog sleeping bag guide

Indoor Dog kennel

A dog sleeping bag resembles human sleeping bags,  yet they should not be confused one with another. Simply put, it is a wearable blanket that may or may not be fitted to the dog’s size. It is specifically built to keep dogs warm and comfortable, regardless of where it is used. Each bag has a few openings for the head, tail and feet. It ensures top notch protection for your dog. If you have ever tried covering your dog with a regular blanket, you have probably noticed already that you need to do it often. When they wake up,  they will ...

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How to Choose Good Names For Dogs

Choosing a good name for your dog

Having a new pet is an exciting period in our often mundane lives.No matter where it came from, you should be prepared for the challenges that a new dog causes and allow the dog and your family to acclimate to one another.  Unless you have adopted an older dog, you should expect the first year of life with a puppy to be one of changes for everyone in the home. This is when you teach your dog what to do and what it is not allowed to do. The habits it learns as a puppy will carry over for years. But before ...

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How many times a day should I feed my dog

Schedule for feeding your puppy

A little education on a dog’s life cycle is imperative when you are not sure how to properly care for it. You should know that the first year is usually critical in the personal development of your puppy. During this special time of its life, your puppy is growing emotionally and physically, while also learning many new skills. As a responsible pet-owner, you will need to know what to expect from your dog, given its age, size and breed, and to provide it with the nutrition is needs. A brief introduction is a prerequisite before discussing the frequency at which you should feed ...

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