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7 Tips for Choosing a Great Dog Training Class

  Dog training classes can be a fantastic and enriching experience for both person and pet. Through them, you and your dog can learn how to better communicate, how to work as a team and how to more fully understand one another. You can troubleshoot common problems and challenges, and you can set your dog up for success by teaching them how to focus, learn and cope with frustration. However, not all dog training classes are created equal, and before you commit time, money and effort into attending a weekly training class, you need to make sure you’ve chosen one ...

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How to Teach a Dog to target in Fifteen Simple Steps

best dog food for chihuahuas

Target training is simply teaching your dog to approach an object and touch it with his nose. In this article, we’re going to focus on teaching a dog to target to the palm of your hand. This simple behavior can be useful in all kinds of ways. A dog that can target to a palm can be easily taught to heel close beside you. Targeting can be a great way to guide a dog through new agility obstacles while they’re learning the basics. It can help strengthen a recall and can encourage polite greeting behavior. After all, most people offer ...

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How to Clicker Charge Your Dog in 7 Steps

clicker charge dog

Has your dog ever done something really adorable or wonderful that you wish you could teach her to do on cue? Do you find it a challenge trying to teach commands like “stay” or fun behaviors like tricks? Do you wish you could more clearly show your dog exactly what you’d like him to do? Clicker training can be very helpful in addressing these issues and others, too! After your dog performs a behavior that you like, you only have one to two seconds to let them know they did a good job. After that window, they won’t understand which ...

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How to Crate Train A Puppy in 5 simple steps

Crate training tips for dog

 A common mistake that pet owners make when crate training a new puppy is to use it as a form of punishment and another is to force the animal to remain in it for too long. Both cause the young dog toreject the crate, resulting in unhappy people and dogs who never get to know the safety and security of a crate. Fortunately, there are easy ways to slowly get your pet used to the crate and eventually, you can expect them to seek it out on their own. Step #1-Understand Why You’re Crating As a responsible pet-owner,  it’s first ...

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How to harness train your puppy in 4 simple steps

How to harness train a puppy

A common misconception about the use of harnesses on puppies, regardless of their age, is that itmust be an all-or-nothing endeavor. Some puppies do well with harness training and better with collars, so do not be afraid to start off slowly. In addition, it is important to acknowledge that the breed of a dog and its nutrition may impact how longer a young dog actually stays a puppy. It looks more complicated than it is.The truth is that large and giants breeds can take up to two years to reach their full growth and development, while dogs with an expected  ...

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How to teach a dog to shake hands in 5 steps

dog shaking hand

Dogs are fun loving animals. They respond positively to love and affection. Hence, as a dog owner, it is imperative that your first priority is developing a strong bond with your pet. When you first bring a dog to your place, he’s nervous and scared. He may be shy or uncomfortable, but you can set things straight by showering him with unconditional love and affection. Once you develop a solid bond with your canine, teaching him tricks such as a handshake or a salute will be much easier. Every new dog owner looks forward to the time they can teach them ...

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The Top 5 Camo Dog Collars to Buy

blue Camo collar

Your dog’s leash and collar are one of the most customized and important accessories in your furry friend’s wardrobe. In some parts of the world, it is required by law to walk your dog with a leash and a collar. However, when shopping for one, many people buy with only the style in mind. They want their dogs to look good. They want their accessories to match their outfits. It is not unusual to buy multiple collars to provide some extra diversity. If you are the sporty type, camo dog collars would be anapt fit for your dog. Sometimes, we like to express our ...

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7 Simple tips on how to leash train your dog

Tips for leash training a dog

Dogs must get used to leashes at an early age, yet it is not impossible to train an adult either. While itmight look like a natural thing, you need to know that dogs have no clue that they must walk close to you. They have to learn that they must not pull or lag. From this point of view, leash walking might look like good manners in a dog’s life. All in all, the process is not necessarily as easy as you might believe. Dogs are naturally excited when they go outdoors, but they also like exploring around. A leash ...

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How to train a deaf dog

potty training dog

Dogs are a man’s best friend.  They are loyal, loving, forgiving and great companions. What do you do, when youfind out that your puppy is deaf? Do you give it away, or do you send it to some special trainer? There are many questions and the decision is totally up to you. Many puppies are born deaf and that’s in no way their fault. If you are ready to care for your puppy and to give it a loving family, regardless of that particular setback, then kudos to you. If you have a deaf dog, here are some tips on ...

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How to make my dog a service dog

clicker charge dog

A service dog is a special dog that was trained to handle specific tasks in helping people with How to make my dog a service dog disabilities. The dog will be assigned to a particular individual. The two will create a team, yet both of them must meet some criteria in order to get qualified. Learning how to make your dog a service dog can be a little challenging. The first and most important thing to do includes becoming familiar with local and national laws. Sometimes, the dog might require a certification. In other cases, proper training is more than ...

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