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Best Way To Potty Train A Dog-7 Simple Tips

puppy potty training

Dogs are often very sensitive. This trait of dogs can allow them to fit in with humans easily. Potty training a puppy requires you to be committed, consistent, patient, and above all vigilant. If you patiently follow the right techniques for training your puppy, then everything will start falling in place. Here, it is essential to understand that your approach in the entire process can impact the amount of time required for potty training your puppy. Toilet training a puppy is also commonly referred as housebreaking a puppy. Ideally, a dog should be potty trained when it is a puppy. Puppies ...

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How To Make A Puppy Stop Biting in Simple Steps

Stop puppy biting

A lot of people think it is normal and acceptable  for a puppy to growl, bark and bite. They attribute this behavior to instincts caused by a continuous tooth growth. You probably know those behaviors are not ideal and you need to make sure that your puppy isn’t developing bad habits. The initial tooth growth primarily relates to chewing and eating most things around your household – shoes, wires, clothes, and toys. Make sure that you train your dog early to prevent it from going on until adulthood.  Otherwise, you risk years of frustration. Puppies often get in the habit ...

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How To Teach A Puppy To Stay in 4 Simple Steps

How to dog proof house

Training a puppy is an exciting experience for you and your pet. Having a dog is like getting a therapy session everyday whereby one gets relief from stress and playing with our furry friends is no less than a workout in itself.  After a brief introduction, we will discuss effective methods on how to teach a puppy to stay. Having a dog is good, but having an obedient one is even better. Dogs that have been trained are more alert, aware and are always eager to please their owners. When friends come over it’s always nice to have a dog that ...

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