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10 Easy Pets to Take Care Of For People With No Time

Rabbits are easy to care for

Pets can bring so much joy into your life. There are different types of animals that can turn out to be your best friend. Many families are at a crossroads when choosing the right type of pet. Certain attributes have to be considered while picking a pet. Lifestyle factors like where you live and family size can play an important role in selecting a pet. If you have a palatial house with a yard, then you can choose large animals like a Great Dane or cattle. If you rent your home, make sure that pets are allowed in the premises. ...

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16 Common Plants That Are Poisonous To Cats

Poisonous plants for cats

If you have a cat and a garden, you should know which plants are harmful to cats. Flora and fauna coexist to create an ecological balance, which means there are always potential dangers that can hamper their existence. Plants that are in the wild cause more harm to animals than those cultivated at home. If you have pets at home, ensure that you are aware of what type of plants you grow in your garden. Most of us are fond of our cats  and it is our responsibility to make sure we keep them safe. Instinctively, these felines are cautious of what they come in ...

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