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How to take care of a rabbit

Rabbits are easy to care for

Rabbits can be a great company as they are quiet domesticated animals that can come with a long commitment. These are intelligent pets; caring for rabbits can be fun. Proper diet, shelter, exercise and companionship can keep your pet rabbits in great health round the year. Beginners may find it challenging to combat the day to day needs of rabbits. These lovable creatures can be easy to maintain if they are taken care properly. Little tips on rabbit care can help understand the needs of the pet better. Due to their long life span it is best to recognize their ...

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How to Build a Rabbit Hutch in a Few Simple Steps

how to build a rabbit cage

All pets need the right accommodation to live happily. Similarly, rabbits also need housing that satisfies their requirements. A rabbit house is called a  hutch. In this article, we will be going over the basics of how to build a rabbit hutch.The right type of accommodation can ensure your pet stays healthy. While designing a hutch, the physical and psychological needs of the animal has to be taken into consideration. Adequate space is needed to give their body the right exercise. Constraints in movement can leave them with disorders like Osteoporosis, heart problems and obesity. Rabbits exhibit behavioural changes that ...

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