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The Persian Cat Grooming Guide

Easy cats to take care of

What Is Your Cat  Known  For? Persian cats are among the most popular breeds of the cats. Specifically, they are known for their long fur, short muzzle and flat face.  In addition, you will notice their innocent eyes, and charming smile. Fortunately, they are as usually as beautiful inside as they are outside, so they are an easy animal to love. It is easy to live with this type of cat, because they are so calm and even-tempered. It is interesting to point out that in the Middle East, it is also known as the Shiraz or Shirazi. The first ancestors of the ...

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Amazing Tips On the Care and Feeding of a Persian Cat

Persian cat caretips

Persian cats are one of the most popular cat breeds. They are also known as the Persian Longhair. These felines are very friendly and highly domesticated, making them ideal as house pets. Their thick fur makes them attractive and well-known throughout different parts of the world. Taking care of a Persian cat demands a lot of effort, as they have special requirements. To have a pet is an awesome responsibility and it’s always an advantage to learn about the animal you want, before actually bringing one home.  In this article, you can read many of Persian cat care tips so ...

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