Best Breeds for a Family with Children

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Breeds Ideal for Families with Children

Once the dog enters your family, he should be loved by all, irrespective of the age, size or preferences. When there dog vaccine for covid 19are little kids, be sure to select an appropriate dog, like a breed that is excellent with children. The trustworthy canine friend fits into your lifestyle and does not result in a massive increase in the workload is best.


For kids with special needs


Children with special needs can easily lead an almost normal life with the aid of assistance dogs. For little ones with autism and other health issues like epilepsy and diabetes, specially trained canines or companion dogs are available from many organizations. A trainable low-maintenance breed, with the right temperament, can be adopted to do the work. Whether you need the dog to keep the child oriented, predict seizures or help them get around, there is a service animal that has the right training to do so.


Puppy or Adult Dog?


Just like babies, puppies need care, food and attention. They need to be trained and require training to help them grow into a loving, mature dog. A minimum of 2 hours a day should be allotted to train the puppy. It is crucial to remember that the first 16 weeks of the puppy’s life is pivotal for healthy social development. The first 12 months of a puppy’s life is the time he learns social skills and therefore, intensive training at that time is essential. He may be fearful and anxious at first, and it might be impossible to walk him/her around other dogs. Without proper socialization and training, the puppy might become hostile.


Adopting an adult dog is recommended if you don’t have enough time to train him. Well-trained and socialized dogs that have been temperament tested are ideal for homes with small children. From pure breeds to mixed ones, dogs of any kind are available in shelters. Fostering a dog to ensure ownership helps you to understand the dog, its moods and its temperaments.


“You know, a dog can snap you out of any kind of bad mood that you’re in faster than you can think of”- Jill Abramson. 


If it’s a puppy that you’re interested in, visit the breeder before the sale to inspect both parents. Buying one from a pet shop often leads to long-term health and behavioural problems due to unregulated breeding and sales.


Pure Breed or Cross-Breed


Cross-breeds combines the best traits of various breeds and are thought to reduce allergic reactions to other allergens and animals in the future. If your child has allergies, your vet has probably suggested taking home the towel on which the dog has slept, and check if the children have any health problems. An ideal Dog for a home would be one that is laid-back, adjustable and content to be with the family. Yes, dogs do need exercise, but a five-mile run is not necessary in most cases.


Mixed breed dogs do not need to max out the family budget to buy special food and toys for them. Intrinsically suited to the many changes of a busy family, mixed-breed dogs can quickly adapt. However, dogs of both mixed breed and pedigree can be calm and can be trained well.


Cavalier King Charles spaniel is the best family-friendly breed. He loves attention, requires only short walks and frequent visits to the groomer are not necessary. They love hanging out with family and don’t require rigorous training to keep them happy. However, they are prone to heart diseases, ear problems and dental diseases, so pet insurance is recommended

Golden Retrievers are lovable dogs and rarely aggressive. With long coats that require daily brushing, your home could be full of tumbleweeds if you don’t plan. They love attention and to be with kids. Though they need exercise, they are happy to laze around with the family too. The parents of the retriever should be hip-scored for hip-dysplasia.

Maltese Terrier is ideal for active families as they need lots of socializing and training. Fun, playful and even-tempered, they require regular visits to the groomer, to keep their coats clean and neat.

Beagle is a sturdy dog with a very positive nature, who loves spending lots of time outside with the family. Ideal for high-energy kids and active families, they have a very short low-maintenance coat and rarely shed. Healthy animals that are not prone to costly health issues; they do have an occasional ear infection. Regular exercise is recommended to prevent obesity.

Bichon Frise is an easily trained family dog that will love people. They require only moderate exercise and love going out

Airedale Terrier is a larger, more playful breed that is content to spend quiet time at home. They need regular exercise but don’t need excessive mental stimulation or training.

A dog is a vehicle, you know; a dog is a window to Mother Nature, and that’s the closest we have”- Cesar Millan.


With over 300 dogs of various breeds recognized universally, dogs with the right temperament can be chosen to match the requirements of the family. Temperament tested dogs don’t just complete a loving family; they also give new life to the family.

Elyce Nicholls
Elyce Nicholls

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