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Invisible Fence Cost

As a pet owner, you have probably heard of the invisible dog fence that is gradually gaining popularity with pet lovers all over the world. The dog fence is basically a system that operates electronically to keep pets as well as other domestic animals within a predefined boundary. It is usually placed underground but has no physical barrier which restricts the dog from moving; instead an electronic shock connected to a collar is sent through the dog’s body whenever they attempt to cross the invisible barrier.

Best invisible dog fences reviews

When shopping for an invisible dog fence for your pet, you are likely to come across quite a number of them in different stores. Even so, there are some that stand out from the rest and they include:

1. Pet Safe Yardmax Rechargeable In-Ground Pet Fencing System

This advanced in ground pet financing system keeps your dog within the defined boundaries using buried wire as well as a transmitter. The dog wears a receiver collar that is rechargeable and sounds a warning tone each time they approach the boundary and if they are not deterred, a static correction is transmitted to their bodies urging them to go back.

When buying this invisible dog fence, the package will have a transmitter that has a mounting hardware as well as power adapter.  It also has a Surge protector, collar charger, contact points, training guide, and five hundred feet of twenty gauge boundary wire, fifty training flags, waterproof splice capsules, wire nuts, test light tool and a contact point wrench. In addition, it has a rechargeable receiver that has an adjustable collar to fit neck sizes of 6 to 28 inches.

Pros: Two modes to fit the needs of any yard space, lightweight, waterproof collar, adjustable correction levels, fits well and always ready for testing.

Cons: Not flexible because of underground wire; cost is on the higher side

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2. SportDOG 100-Acre In-Ground Pet Fence System, SDF-100A

The SportDOG fence system is one of the simplest yet effective invisible dog fences in the market.  It is quite affordable and can cover a wide area of land thus giving your pet a chance to enjoy the outdoors while still keeping within the set boundary. The collar receiver on the neck of the dog has contact points which transmit safe stimulation whenever they pass the boundary area and enter an area commonly called the “stimulation zone.”

The SportDOG fence system has the following components as part of its package; a collar receiver, transmitter, charging adaptor, 100 flags, operating guide and 20- gauge wire that stretches to 1000 feet.

Pros:  Can cover many dogs using SDF-R receivers, waterproof collar, four stimulation levels, has wire break transmitter, anti-linger feature, built –in lightening protection, ability to adjust stimulation, vibration and tone.

Cons: Restricted to dogs that weigh ten pounds and above; less flexibility due to use of in-ground fence

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3. PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System, PIF-300

This pet safe invisible dog fence offers an innovative ways to ensure that your dog stays within the confined area in your home. It is quite safe and has a collar that is placed on the dog’s neck so that it can receive signals from a transmitter installed within the home. However, the signals change to beep that warns the dog that they have stepped outside the boundary, but if they ignore the warning, they receive static correction that should get them back to the restricted areas. Most times, dogs that are properly trained enjoy having the invisible fence around them and always keep within the boundary set by their owner.

Pros: use of wireless transmitter; can be set up anywhere, adjustable correction levels with tone only mode, easy to install, waterproof receiver, automatic shut off during stimulation, low battery indicator and a training manual

Cons: wireless transmitter can only work in pet area that is circular; operating range may be affected by terrain

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How an invisible dog fence works

The technology behind the invisible dog fence may look simple but it is revolutionary in terms of controlling your pet’s movement. The pet has a collar placed on its body, usually around the neck, which gives off a sound whenever they get near the boundary. In cases, where the pet ignores the warning sound and proceeds to cross the set boundary, they receive an electric shock, which is usually quite mild. If they go ahead even after the first shock, it becomes more frequent and stronger until they turn back and return to the area within the boundary.

The electric shock emitted by the collar whenever there is an attempt to cross the boundary by the dog is the selling point of this fence as the dog will learn how far they can go, each time they hear the warning sounds. However, when a dog is excited they can run through the fence and not get be affected by the electronic shock from the collar on their neck. Therefore, it is important for pet owners to still supervise their dog when outside to avoid any accidents or them getting lost after crossing the fence in excitement.

Types of invisible dog fences

Although invisible dog fences generally work to keep the dog within a certain boundary, they do so in different ways depending on the way the electronic system has been built. Some of the fences have a wire that is buried underground which emits radio signals that activate the collar whenever the dog comes neat the wire. Alternatively, wireless dog fences are also available and these also emit radio signals from a centrally placed unit which is activated whenever the pet goes beyond a predetermined radius from where the unit is located.

GPS enabled dog collars that send signals to a “virtual fence” also exist and these do not need to have physical installation done on your property. This type of dog fence is more flexible in terms of the areas a do can move within the area as the boundaries can be easily changed. However, precision with collars that send GPS signals is one downside to this particular type of invisible dog fence.

How to choose your own invisible dog fence

The need for an invisible dog fence cannot be underestimated by a pet owner that wants to keep their favorite animal safe at all times. Since there are quite a number to choose from in the market, it is important to pick one that meets your needs as well as those of your dog.  Consider buying a pet fence that complements your lifestyle and will easily be install in your yard within the shortest time possible. These fences are quite affordable and can last long if used as instructed and kept well maintained. Read our reviews on them in the article and pick one for your needs.

Overall, you can decide to do the installation on your own with help from family and friends, or have a professional do the work on your behalf at a predetermined fee.  Even after the installation of the invisible fence has been done and you have released your dog to enjoy the outdoors, always keep an eye on them so that they do not get harmed or attacked by other animals.

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