How to Build a Rabbit Hutch in a Few Simple Steps

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All pets need the right accommodation to live happily. Similarly, rabbits also need housing that satisfies

how to build a rabbit cage

How to build a rabbit hutch

their requirements. A rabbit house is called a  hutch. In this article, we will be going over the basics of how to build a rabbit hutch.The right type of accommodation can ensure your pet stays healthy. While designing a hutch, the physical and psychological needs of the animal has to be taken into consideration. Adequate space is needed to give their body the right exercise. Constraints in movement can leave them with disorders like Osteoporosis, heart problems and obesity.

Rabbits exhibit behavioural changes that need to be taken care of especially when there is a space constraint. Behaviours like chewing the bars, showcasing destructive traits or staying aloof are signs that show that your pet is uncomfortable in their habitat. Rabbits nibble, hop, burrow so ensure there is lot of space for your little pets to play around. If you want to succeed in bringing up your pet rabbits in your home, the right rabbit hutch becomes essential. Rabbits feed on fresh vegetables and fruits, the hutch should have provision to hold food. The hutch should be designed for easy cleaning. Customized hutch is available at the pet store. All you need to specify is the breed of rabbit and the number of rabbits you wish to accommodate in the hutch.


Types of rabbit hutches

There are many types of rabbit hutches available and these include outdoor rabbit hutch, indoor

How to make a rabbit hutch

How to build a rabbit cage

rabbit hutches, small rabbit hutch, giant rabbit hutch, wooden rabbit hutch, plastic rabbit hutch and more. Whatever type of hutch you design the primary factor remains comfort and safety of the pets. Rabbits have to be protected from the vagaries of nature like sun, wind, rain, snow, hail, storm, etc. Your pets have to be safeguarded from predators as well. Provide them with proper ventilation; build the hutch tall so that predators do not reach your loving pet.

DIY rabbit hutches

To build durable hutches it is important to choose proper building materials and a hutch design manual. Hutches can be made of wood, wire or concrete. Chicken wire could be dangerous for your pets hence use galvanised wire of 14 or 16 gauge. This will remain sturdy and rabbits cannot break free from their cage. The reason why wood is not used in most cases is because rabbits tend to chew on the wood. Sometimes lumber is treated with chemicals and when pets chew can damage their digestive system. Even wire can be damaging at times as it can hurt your pet. Using the right construction techniques can help save your pet from any injuries.


Materials required for building a hutch:


2)Lumber for crosspiece

Rabbit cage plans

Good Rabbit Hutch plans

3)Posts for the legs

4)L brackets for support

5)Metal or plastic dropping tray

6)Plywood for the sides

7)Metal roofing or shingles for the roof

8)Clips, wire cutters, nails, screws, hammer, screwdriver, cutting saw

9)Measuring tape


How to make a rabbit cage.

Depending on the space available, a hutch can be easily built. Procure lumber and cut four legs for the posts. This can be 4×4. Then,  design the floor of the hutch. This should be four feet above the floor level to keep your pets safe from predators. Now you can bring in some untreated lumber to design the frame for the cage. The frame needs to be bigger than the cage and uses the L brackets to hold hutch. Using frames makes it easier to dismantle, while brackets can prevent the pet from chewing the wood. Using hinges attach the plywood to the sides, followed affixing the roof and covering it with plastic sheet. Metal roofing lasts longer and can prevent weather damage to the structure. Finally, you can slide the dropping tray. If you prefer the droppings stay on the ground, the tray won’t be necessary. A dropping tray can save the rabbits from a predator’s attack, if you have used wire flooring instead of wood or concrete. Once the hutch is ready, keep it under the shade free from nature’s fury.

Depending on the size of your home you can build small, medium or palatial hutches for your pet

Rabbits are easy to care for

Rabbits are cute to have as pets

rabbits. Though they are smaller in size, rabbits enjoy hopping around and a little extra space can do wonders for their health. You will be surprised to learn that there are rabbit condos that provide multiple play area for your pet. Keep the habitat below 85oF, as rabbits are prone to heat stress. Locating the hutch in a shady and ventilated place is essential. If the temperature is too hot, then keep an ice pack in the cage to keep them cool. Each rabbit requires a moving space of 1.5 square feet. The height should be above 4 feet to keep the rabbits away from hopping out. Attaching a run to the hutch can give the rabbit space for play. Off-the-shelf toys or woodchip, shredded paper and straw can provide entertainment to your domesticated friend. Hay or straw can act as natural bedding for the rabbits. Placing them on the wire mess can provide protection for the animals.

These burrowing animals are curious and can hurt themselves, so it is crucial to create the right environment for them to live in. They can chew on anything especially wood and this can be harmful. Protecting the wood with hard plastic corners can save them from injury. Do not keep any plants around them. Some plants are poisonous to pets and can lead to health issues.

Though there are ready made rabbit hutches available at your pet store that can be customized to your needs, nothing can match the hutch you design for your loving pets. Various hutches like indoor, outdoor, plastic and wooden hutches are available at the pet store. If you keep their personality traits in mind, it is easy to build or buy the right kind of rabbit cage. In fact, it is cheaper to build your own rabbit house. You can creatively design your own rabbit hutch, in lieu of following traditional patterns, to keep your loving pets happy.

Providing a safe habitat for your pet rabbits can give you the peace of mind and also personal space for those animals to live happily.

 Rabbit cage plans

Here are some good Rabbit hutch plans to work on for your pet rabbit.


Building a rabbit hutch Videos


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