13 Gift ideas:What are you getting your dog for Christmas

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It’s that time of the year again. Christmas is coming. You are planning to surprise your loved ones with awesome gifts. You have put a lot of thought into getting the gaming console for your kid, the perfect fishing equipment for your SO after taking inputs from his angling friends. You have even bought stuff for the neighbors and friends.

But, what about your best buddy?

The one who keeps you company at the worst of times and loves you to death. If only dogs could understand the significance of Christmas and celebrate it with us, the world would be a better place. But, we will have to make do with the next best thing. Spoil him with special treats so that the significance of the day somehow dawns on him. And get him a Christmas gift. Wouldn’t it be awesome to get your furry friend  a special gift

Christmas gift dog Ideas?

Now, there are plenty of things you could do. You could get him some regular stuff like a dog bowl,  a squeaky toy or some bully sticks. But, that doesn’t make it sound Christmasy. You could get the plethora of Christmas themed assortment of dog stuff like bowls, picture frame, clothes etc.

How about something special?

You could also splurge on your canine friend this Christmas and get him a premium gift.But, you would need to plan this prior else you might be hard-pressed to accommodate it in your budget. So, enough blabber and let’s get on with it.

Let us give you some awesome ideas for this Christmas.  Let us take a look at premium and budget efficient gift ideas for your buddy.

Premium Dog Gifts

  1. Dog Sofa Beds: These look awesome and serves your dog well too. It’s also something that will surely catch the eye of your visitors. Dog sofa beds are just glorified dog beds that are designed like a ….. you guessed it- A sofa. Some of the luxury dog sofas are really a sight to behold and you could choose one that goes along with your interiors. Take a look at the below article which takes you through 7 awesome dog sofas selected by our team.

Dog Sofa Beds: 7 Best Couch Beds for Dogs

2. Dog Crate Furniture: I am a sucker for things that serve a dual purpose. I have actually picked up one of these last year and they are amazing. These are just dog crates that look like furniture and can be used as furniture. Some of these are so beautifully done that you would be surprised that it’s a properly working dog crate. If you have the budget and are looking to enhance your interiors as well as giving a crate to your buddy, this is the thing to go for. It doesn’t even have to be a primary crate for your dog. It could just be a furniture where your dog occasionally hangs out. Take a look at the ones our team selected below.

Dog Crates that Look Like Furniture: 6 End, Side, Coffee table and More

3. Dog Crates

Your buddy might be in need of a new crate. What better time to get it than Christmas. You can get a regular one or something special. There are a plethora of options when it comes to dog crates depending on your requirements.

In addition, a lot of our readers have complained about destructive dogs. If your dog seems to go through dog crates in a matter of months and destroys, escapes and/or injures himself trying to escape from the crate, you need to get your buddy one of these indestructible dog crates.

4. Dog beds

There is nothing cuter than seeing a dog drag its bed to your room and resting there to be in your company. While some pet owners believe that they are non-essential, I feel a dog bed is a must. It helps cushion their joints, insulate them from the floor and provides them their very own bed.

There are an array of options for dog beds on Amazon.  One of the better options for older dogs are the orthopedic dog beds which are built to cushion their aging joints.

If your dog is destructive and destroys their bed quite often, it is time to consider buying an indestructible dog bed.

5. Wireless dog fence

For this Christmas, you can gift your dog the gift of security and peace of mind for yourself. If you have been on the fence (pun intended!) about buying an invisible wireless fence which have risen in popularity over the past few years, now would be a great time to go for it. You don’t have to worry about the costs and effort associated with a physical fence. They are few different types of wireless fences which work in similar ways. You can read about these and reviews of top 3 wireless fences by clicking here.

6. iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs

This is one of the cool innovations that has come up in the recent past. If your dog loves playing fetch and can’t get enough of it, this is an ideal gift. You can select the distance of 10, 20 or 30 feet. Watch your dog go crazy over this toy and have fun playing fetch daily.

7. Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser 

How cool would be to sit in the comfort of your office and give a treat to your dog while watching and recording his reaction? That’s exactly the Petzi Treat Cam is for. Put in some of your dog’s favorite treats in them and ensure a constant treat supply even when you are away from home for longer periods of time. You can even talk to your dog from it so the dog knows the treats are from you and you are missing him.

8. Automatic dog waterer by Critter concepts

This is a 5-gallon automatic dog waterer by critter concepts. Your dog can go get a sip whenever he/she feels thirsty. This is a pretty popular brand choice and can be spotted at kennels and doggy daycares. They are durable and last a really long time and would make a really awesome gift.

Well, there you go. We have given you awesome ideas to make this Christmas a merry day for your dog too.

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