Which Dog will suit you:First time Dog Owner Guide-Part 2

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Which Dog will Suit Your Family?

There are a number of dog breeds from big to small, fluffy to hairy, docile to ferocious. Choosing the right type of dog for your living environment and family situation is vital to create a bond between the human and the animal. This is the 2nd part on the series for first-time dog owners. Read the first part here.

  • The size of your home matters while making a selection, if you live in an apartment that doesn’t have much open space, it is best to opt for smaller breedshow often can i give benadryl to dog
  • Your employment and schedule will again play an important role when choosing a dog. Opt for an active breed, only if you have the time to meet their needs.
  • With kids around, it is best to find an adult dog than it would be to adopt a puppy. As puppies need to be trained in behavior and toileting, and until then it may be a difficult situation at home. Big dogs with predictable temperament are suggested.
  • Furry breeds are more cumbersome to maintain as they have to be washed and brushed regularly. Their shed can be allergic, especially with children and elders around. Choose ones that are not as furry that will shed less for an easier time.
  • If you live in an apartment, we have a guide on suitable low maintenance dogs for apartments.


Each family has their own priorities when it comes to time, space, money, medical issues and schedule. Just as it is difficult for your family member to adapt to a new dog; it is equally stressful for a dog to acclimatize to a new environment. Finding a dog that can fit your lives is a great challenge but many people fail to succeed. Unfortunately, that means many smart, healthy dogs end up in animal shelters, often with only a few days to find a new family before being put down.  Never take this big decision of adding a new dog to your family unless you are really ready for it.

Benefits of Having a Canine Friend

Dogs are the ideal companion for many people, as they ward off loneliness and listen to you, play with you and look up to you. They rarely expect anything in return, except timely meals, affection and long walks. Many studies have proven what pet owners have known for years; that dog owners are often happier and healthier than people who don’t have a dog.

  • Companionship is what they give and when strolling out with this furry friend, people are more likely toLow pet sitting ratesinteract with other fellows
  • Exercise is guaranteed, due to a dog’s need for regular exercise and yard time. Give how excited the dog is for walks, few can refuse a furry face. Even with a sedentary lifestyle, you will get a bit more exercise. In households with kids, dogs encourage them to be more active, thereby decreasing health issues like obesity.
  • Nurturing dogs in families without kids or to provide companionship to lonely kids make the family unit more complete. Positive physical and mental benefits can often be seen instantly.
  • Empathy is encouraged as kids with dogs tend to understand feelings better. Popularity amidst the neighborhood and schoolmates not only increases their self-esteem but also heightens their emotional and social development.
  • Reading to the dog, like a teacher to the pupil, makes the kids happy as the dog listen to them and the child receives undivided attention.
  • Medical benefits of having a dog at home are proven for kids and adults alike. While the kids develop heightened immunity, adults have lower heart diseases of up to 4%. With the increase of physical activities from playing with their furry friends, dogs are a welcome addition to many homes.

The Only Creatures that are Evolved Enough to Convey Pure Love are Dogs and Infants – Johnny Depp

If you want to enjoy the real benefits of owning a dog, provide it with best of care.

  • Dog equipment like collars, leads for grooming and toys are an integral part in the life of every furry friend. With a range of collars, leads and harnesses in the market, care should be taken to choose the right one after considering all the pros and cons and requirements.
  • To remain healthy, cozy and comfortable throughout their lives, they need a place that is well sheltered from winds, rain, sunlight and cold. Kennels are one option, as is a comfortable bed inside the home.
  • Plastic, ceramic and stainless steel bowls are available to hold the dog’s food and water. Each has its own benefits, but the ideal one will be the steel bowl with rubberized coating at the bottom to avoid slippage.

The many different breeds provide a variety of different options to suit the different requirements of the household.  These furry friends have a lifespan ranging from 8-18 years gives companionship, security and unconditional love. Whatever the size or breed dog you select, it should be borne in mind that they are living creatures and need to be loved like any baby should. A creature with its own physical and emotional needs, they look to their human “pack” for everything. It should be groomed properly, receive appropriate medical care and deserve a special place in the homes and hearts of the family he loves. A healthy dog in a happy home is a picture of love and completion.

Yes, one can be assured of the selfless love of this canine family member forever. From being a steady companion to guard, the transformation every dog undergoes is phenomenal. With lots of breeds and innumerable pedigree and mixed breeds available in the markets to choose from, the right one can be selected to create a bond that can last for many years.

Elyce Nicholls
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