10 Easy Pets to Take Care Of For People With No Time

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Pets can bring so much joy into your life. There are different types of animals that can turn out to be your best friend. Many families are at a crossroads when choosing the right type of pet. Certain attributes have to be considered while picking a pet. Lifestyle factors like where you live and family size can play an important role in selecting a pet. If you have a palatial house with a yard, then you can choose large animals like a Great Dane or cattle. If you rent your home, make sure that pets are allowed in the premises. If you are a couch potato, pick animals that are less active like fish or turtles.

Then you will need to consider how much time you can spend with your pet and whether you want pets for pleasure or purpose. Dogs require quality time with you and are not always appropriate for workaholics.  Age is also an important factor while buying a pet. Kids react differently with pets than adults. If you have older people at home, verify they are happy with adding a new member to the family. Pet maintenance comes at a cost and you will need to allow for the expenses. If you are a first time owner, you should consider pets that will be to raise.

What type of pet to adopt

The list of adoptable pets seems endless .There are many animals who can become a valuable addition to your family. Here are 10 cheap and easy pets to take care of.

1. Dogs

Think of a pet and the first animal that comes to your mind is dog. Anyone can fall for this furry pet. Their large eyes can speak a thousand words. There are many of breeds to choose from, depending on your requirements.

easy pets to take care

Dogs are not difficult to take care of

There are miniature dogs to gigantic ones, pick one and enjoy. Remember that dogs require a reasonable amount of your time as they grow attached to the owner. In addition, they can be expensive as well, particularly designer, toy and giant breeds, as they are unusually prone to health problems.

At the very least, plan for their:

  • Collar
  • Leash
  • Food and food bowl
  • Medical care, including vaccinations, parasite control, sterilization, etc.
  • Kennel
  • Toys

Many dogs also benefit from training, doggie day care and pet sitters.

Choosing the right dog is vital, and fortunately there are pet matching services online that can help you pick the best dog for your home depending on factors like lifestyle, environment, social needs, exercise and your temperament. Books or online articles are also helpful for the same purpose.

Before adopting, make sure your pooch has had a recent checkup, to make sure they are healthy. It is also interesting to note that many pure bred dogs are likely to have genetic problems, including hip problems, anger issues, etc. while mixed breed animals often do not.  They are also less expensive to obtain and animal shelters are typically overflowing with dogs that need forever homes.

Remember that dogs are a long term commitment since they live up to 10 years or more .You’ll need to spend quality time with your pet dog, so allow them to socialize. Doing so can help them get over their fear and become friendly.

2. Cats

Many home owners prefer cats to dogs for the simple reason they are easy to maintain and require

Easy cats to take care of

Beautiful Persian cat

less training. These are also social animals and can make a good pet. Unlike some dogs, cats do not always need to be petted constantly.  But just like dogs, cats also are an expensive proposition. They also need special food, toys, vet care, sterilization, medication and litter box. Their cleaning needs are also limited. Unlike dogs, they rarely require baths or to be taken for a walk. They are perfect friends for those who do not have a lot of time for pets, but want an animal companion.

Cats are again a long term commitment as they live up to 15 years or longer. Cats have unique personalities, so check out their nature and get to know about their traits before you adopt. Local shelters or rescue centers from where you picked the cat will be able to assist you on their nature.

Cats as pets can be divided into two categories, indoor and outdoor cats. Outdoor cats are prone to the risk of disease and injury, hence it is not advisable to have outdoor cats as pets. It is usually safer for your cat to remain indoors to avoid infection. Indoor cats live longer and remain healthier. Since cats scratch, it is important to get them scratching posts. Special toys are available for your cat that can keep them busy indoors. If you prefer outdoor games for your little pet, then add a cattery to your home to provide safe outdoor playing.

Choose the right place to buy your feline friends. Canine associations or animal shelters can provide you with the right information about cat care. They can often provide information about a cat’s medical history, pedigree and temperament.

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