10 Easy Pets to Take Care Of For People With No Time

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3. Hamster

Small and beautiful that can fit into your pocket. They are furry, can be fondled and are friendly. Yes, this is

Hamsters take care

Hamsters are easy pets to take care of

about hamsters. This also falls into the easy to care pets division. Syrian hamsters are popular and grow just to about 17 cms in length, then you have the Roborovski dwarf hamster that is just 7 cms. Syrian Hamsters are the most popular, Chinese hamsters are smaller than their Syrian cousins. Just like their rodent cousins, hamsters are nocturnal and are apt for younger kids. These are confined to cages and can be left alone with foo0d, water and toys. They can even survive for a week without any human intervention. Buy a pair and they will have company, but make sure they are of opposite sex because same sex repel. Hamsters stay happily in their cage and prefer to live in solitude. Depending on the breed, the hamster lives alone or with company. These rodents reproduce quickly and if you have a caged opposite sex pair, be prepared for a large family of hamsters. The breeding period is just about two weeks.

Hamsters feed on seeds, cracked corn, pellets, fresh grains and nuts. Try fresh fruits and vegetables as well. Keep the cage clean and free of leftover food. Clean water should be available round the clock. Housekeeping for soiled bedding or droppings is important to maintain their good health. Nature has blessed hamsters with continuously growing teeth; therefore make sure they have something to munch on like a dog biscuit or a piece of twig. Vet care is necessary if you spot weight loss, matted fur or diarrhoea.

4. Fish

Fish can make awesome pets. They are colorful, harmless, easy to maintain and enjoyable. With people moving

Gold fish pet

Fishes are very easy pets to take care of

to smaller houses, it may become necessary to choose smaller pets and fish have become a popular choice. People who do not have the time and money to adopt high maintenance companions can often afford fish. Watching them glide in water can be very calming. They are less expensive to maintain and all that requires is proper environment and knowledge.

Apart from initial costs of setting up a tank, air filter, water plants or fake plants, water conditioner, net and some toys there are few expenses.  Food pellets are available in the pet store and can be used to feed the fish. Tank cleaning is the only activity that can take a little of your busy schedule.

In addition, fish do not suffer from separation pangs and can be left alone for days, as long as they are fed.

Fish can add decor to your home and can be trained to interact with their owners.  Start with a small bowl before expanding into an aquarium. Low maintenance fish like goldfish can be easier when compared to expensive and bigger varieties. Taking little lessons on how to maintain a fish in confined space can do wonders. Aquariums can give you an idea on what type of temperature, pH, food, tank, filters to use. There are certain breeds that live alone but most of the ornamental fish can coexist with other breeds. Choose a tank depending on the size and quantity of fish. It is really fun to watch these colorful creatures gliding in water.

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