10 Easy Pets to Take Care Of For People With No Time

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7. Turtles

Happy go lucky turtles can be the right pet for your small home. These slow reptiles can work out to be the

easy to take care turtles

Turtles are easy to maintain

right pet for you. Turtles live a long life, up to 40 years. There are varieties of species of turtles available and these can form a great hobby. Turtles need special care; they are unique. Turtles need a big tank and lot of maintenance. The tank needs to be cleaned regularly, as they are messy animals. These are expensive pets and require a huge tank, heaters, filters, food and medicine to keep them going healthy. Another important attribute about turtles are they cannot be moved to your neighbours or friends place while you go on a vacation, as they live in specialized habitat.  As the turtle grows, they will need a bigger tank, the more spacious your home the better.

Beginners are recommended to choose species that are easy to maintain. Painted turtles are colorful and attractive to have as pets. They are a low maintenance creature and are pleasant. Common musk turtles are smaller in size and are friendly. Slider turtles are easy to care for, but will need bigger tanks as they grow. For every inch of their size, 10 gallons of water is required. Turtles are available at pet shops or check with your veterinarian.

Turtles can adapt to new environments easily, so adopting an adult turtle can be fun. Turtles can be fed with insects, but worms and food pellets are also available at the pet store. Place a few rocks and they can act as toys for your new pet. Much exercise is not required. Keep a dry area and shallow water bed to help them rehydrate.


Snakes can definitely make a novel pet and little handling lessons can tame them. If you thought that all

easy to maintain snakes

Corn snakes are popular pets

snakes are poisonous, then it is time to change your idea. These are very special pets and though not commonly chosen as pets can be easy to take care of. The life expectancy of a snake is more than 20 years.  There are exclusive snake breeders that can help you identify the right breed for your home.

Choose a healthy reptile of reasonable size. Beginners can choose Corn Snake, Ball Pythons or King and Milk Snakes. Do not opt for large or venomous snakes, as they need expert training and their requirements are often difficult to satisfy. Beginners should stay away from Burmese Pythons, water snakes, green snakes and Tree Boas. Never go near Reticulated Pythons, Cobra or Anacondas.

Pre killed prey are available in frozen form and these can be used as treats for your pet snake. Keep an exclusive ice box to store frozen snake prey. These could be frozen rodents or insects. Snakes are prone to break loose and hence build an escape-proof tank. Keep a warm and cool area in the tank as they are prone to shift between warm and cooler temperatures. Snakes are beautiful creatures and can be a great companion. Pick the right species and enjoy your reptile pet.

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