How to Choose Good Names For Dogs

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Having a new pet is an exciting period in our often mundane lives.No matter where it came from, you should be prepared for the challenges that a new dog causes and allow the dog and your family to acclimate to one another.  Unless you have adopted an older dog, you should expect the first year of life with a puppy to be one of changes for everyone in the home.

This is when you teach your dog what to do and what it is not allowed to do. The habits it learns as a puppy will carry over for years.

Choosing a good name for your dog

Good Names for Dogs

But before getting there, you need the right name for your new furry friend. This is the first step in the learning process since the dog must become familiar with its name. You want it to react whenever you call it, hence the necessity to go through this early.

Choosing a name for a dog sounds a simple task but you will quickly realize it is not. New pet owners take days considering many names before finally settling on a perfect name for their new dog.  

Importance of choosing the right name

You might be surprised to find out that a lot of people will know your dog’s name, but they will never know yours.

It depends on the people around you, as well as your dog’s cuteness. Everyone will ask about the name, especially since it is more socially acceptable to forget a dogs name. So, the dog can quickly become the focus of attention. Some people in your daily travels will become familiar with your dog, yet they will barely know who you are at all.

At the same time, names are essential when giving instructions too. Having an unnecessarily long name with multiple syllables is a pain when you are trying to get your dog’s attention multiple times in day. Also, a dog will have difficulty in understanding complex names.  They also can impact the way people perceive your dog. Having a dog named Murder or Killer will give a completely different vibe when compared to Sweetie or Pinky.

Don’t go for innovative trendy names based on popular internet memes/sites/apps etc. that will sound silly in a few years. I came across a dog who was named “Facebook”. Not only does it reflect poorly on the owner, it will sound silly in the future. Imagine someone who named his dog “Myspace” during the height of its popularity. 

With these ideas in mind, it’s obvious that you need to take your time when choosing the right name for your dog. Some people choose a name before they even get a dog. Some others wait for a while. They want to know how much energy the dog has and other aspects of its personality.

One quick tip that new dog owners often find a problem with. Often, dogs have stomachs that are sensitive and a new owner does not know what to feed them to help them with it. Take a look at our recommended dog foods for sensitive stomach to help you with making the right choice. And if you are struggling with grooming, take a look at our guide for best dog clippers for grooming.

What to name my new dog

Popular names for male dogs

Good Boy Dog Names

Not sure what to name your new dog? Feeling out of ideas?  Inspiration can be found almost anywhere. Of course, some people may have specific preferences, such as inventing rare names that you have never heard before. Some others are open to all kinds of inspirational places. Also, different aspects are to be considered when looking for names for boy dogs when compared to dog names for females.

Famous people represent a great source of inspiration and dog names. Historical figures, warriors and public figures are just a few examples. Napoleon and Edison are extremely common names for dogs, but if prefer the name of other famous figures, go for it.

Fictional characters are very useful too. Think about your favorite cartoons, games, movies and books too. Do you like Sherlock? Go for it. Your options are simply countless. You can pick a villain or a hero.  Just make sure that you stick to your dog’s personality. There is something appealing about a dogs name that matches it’s personality.

Stars and planets are just as good. Who does not remember Pluto? There are so many rare name ideas that you will barely know what to choose first. There are  numerous constellations and even more stars. 

You can think about the dog’s origins, a previous dog, a culture and so on. Keep in mind that there are, a few general rules too which you should try to stick to when thinking about a name.

Sticking to two syllable dog names

While you can find all kinds of names out there, most experts recommend choosing a name with two syllables only.

good girl dog names

Popular female dog names

Why? It is quite simple. Most dog commands consist of one syllable only, whether it comes to sit, down, come or shake. Setting a name with two syllables will inevitably help your dog make the difference between a command and its name. Also, the name should not sound too close to a command. Otherwise, your new friend might get a little confused.

Opting for sharp consonants

Sharp consonants are an actual necessity when it comes to dog names. Dogs are very good at identifying high frequency sounds. In other words, names beginning with Ch, K, Sh or S can be easily noticed and recognized. They catch the attention a lot faster than other names. The sounds are sharp and just like people, dogs will respond faster. As for the end, it might be wise to stick to a vowel because the resonance is deeper. Some of the most common names following these rules include Delilah, Kassie, Chico or Simba.

Avoiding names that sound like commands

You obviously want your new friend to learn a few commands and pay attention to your requests. You want a little discipline, which helps both of you during the training process.  Avoid confusing it, so never pick names that sound like commands. Dogs cannot really understand specific sounds or letters, but frequencies. Therefore, if two words sound almost identical, your dog is more likely to be confused. In conclusion, avoid names like Bo (No) or Kit (Sit).

Saying “shake” to a dog named snake is bound to confuse the hell out of the poor being.

Rare dog names are better

Choosing a rare name for your dog is a lot better than selecting a popular name for your dog. Why? It is pretty simple. Call your name Rover or Fido and you will be surprised by how many dogs will come over when you yell for your dog at the park. The most common names out there should be avoided because they can create a lot of confusion.

Popular Dog Names for Males

While some of these popular names might look enticing, you should probably avoid such names because they might lead to confusion. There are some excellent ones too.So, if you like one and it fits your requirements, go for it by all means. The most popular 50 boy dog names include:

1. Bailey
2. Max
3. Charlie
4. Buddy
5. Rocky
6. Jake
7. Jack
8. Toby
9. Cody
10. Buster
11. Duke
12. Cooper
13. Riley
14. Harley
15. Bear
16. Tucker
17. Murphy
18. Lucky
19. Oliver
20. Sam
21. Oscar
22. Teddy
23. Winston
24. Sammy
25. Rusty
26. Shadow
27. Gizmo
28. Bentley
29. Zeus
30. Jackson
31. Baxter
32. Bandit
33. Gus
34. Samson
35. Milo
36. Rudy
37. Louie
38. Hunter
39. Casey
40. Rocco
41. Sparky
42. Joey
43. Bruno
44. Beau
45. Dakota
46. Maximus
47. Romeo
48. Boomer
49. Luke
50. Henry

Popular Dog Names for Females

Popular female dog names have the same issue. Select a popular name that inevitably comes to your head and you will regret it if you go to a park. It also depends on where you live, how large the community is and how many dogs you can find around. Here are 50 of the most popular names for girl dogs:

1. Bella
2. Lucy
3. Molly
4. Daisy
5. Maggie
6. Sophie
7. Sadie
8. Chloe
9. Bailey
10. Lola
11. Zoe
12. Abby
13. Ginger
14. Roxy
15. Gracie
16. Coco
17. Sasha
18. Lily
19. Angel
20. Princess
21. Emma
22. Annie
23. Rosie
24. Ruby
25. Lady
26. Missy
27. Lilly
28. Mia
29. Katie
30. Zoey
31. Madison
32. Stella
33. Penny
34. Belle
35. Casey
36. Samantha
37. Holly
38. Lexi
39. Lulu
40. Brandy
41. Jasmine
42. Shelby
43. Sandy
44. Roxie
45. Pepper
46. Heidi
47. Luna
48. Dixie
49. Honey
50. Dakota

In conclusion, choosing the right name for your dog can be challenging, but take your time. There is no point in rushing. Practice a name for a few days around . Would you like it? Does it sound simple?

When looking for ideas,consider the dog’s personality, color, distinguishing characteristics, size and so on. As long as it is related to your dog and not randomly picked over the Internet (just because it sounds or feels cool), chances are it will match like a glove.


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