How to take care of a rabbit

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Veterinary care

Just like any other pet animals, rabbits too need veterinary care, incase they are unwell. It is good to take your pet for annual checkups to keep them healthy. Though there are number of veterinarians available, not all are specialized in treating rabbits. Those that have experience in treating rabbits are called ‘exotics’ veterinarians. This means they are experts in treating non-traditional pets. A list of emergency clinics that treat rabbits can prove beneficial incase your rabbit falls sick.

A pet bunny needs to be spayed and neutered for its long and healthy life. Moreover this can help keep you off worries of unwanted litters. Spaying and neutering rabbits can keep them away from uterus or testicular cancer. This way it is easy to reduce the aggression and territory marking trends of your pet. Female rabbits can litter every 30 days and hence spaying them can eliminate risks of reproductive cancer.

Rabbits can get fleas and ear mites just like any other fur animals. To protect the rabbit from parasites it is important to keep the surroundings clean. Routine vaccination is not recommended for indoor rabbits. For outdoor rabbits rabies vaccination is recommended to protect your pets from acquiring from other animals.


While carrying your pet rabbit out to the veterinarian it is important to use the right kind of carriers that can keep them secure and free from the vagaries of weather conditions like extreme heat or cold. A vets place is where a wide variety of animals frequent, hence it is important to keep them safe inside a secure carrier. Rabbit carriers are available in various sizes and shapes; choose one that fits your pet. Never carry a rabbit in a box. This can cause inconvenience for the rabbit and during summer this could even turn out to be fatal. Using an air conditioned vehicle to transport your pet can prove to be advantageous as these little being are averse to overheating. If your vehicle is a non-a/c one, then roll down the windows for better circulation of air.

For long distance travel ensures that you place a sheet of foam that can act as a cushion during the ride. This can also protect your car or other vehicles from pet droppings. Use of generous amounts of house training pads can ensure that all the waste like water spills are absorbed by it. The carriers have provision for water feed and ensure you fill the tray occasionally and only to the required quantity to avoid spilling while the vehicle is on the move. Most rabbits do not drink water while on the move. But be sure to feed them once you park the vehicle in a shady place. Pellets can also be placed inside the carrier to feed the rabbit. Do not use water from outside as it may upset the digestive system of your pet. It is therefore advised to carry water from home and change it as per need arises.

There are various types of carriers available and ensure only those with proper ventilation needs to be selected. The carrier has to be easy to clean and you need to disinfect it as soon as you reach home, to avoid infection. Carriers come with two entry options, one with the side door where the rabbits can walk inside the carrier and others with top opening where the pet can be dropped if it is reluctant to get inside. There are also carriers with two access points to make it convenient for the owner. The carrier has to be chew proof, the wire and plastic have to be sturdy and should be made of non-toxic material; suppose a rabbit chews them accidentally no harm befalls your pet. The carrier should have a comfortable handle that needs to be firmly attached to make moving the carrier easy. Shoulder straps or wheels also can prove beneficial while carrying more than one rabbit. Light yet sturdy carriers can be helpful in transporting the rabbits comfortably. The size of the carrier should be designed based on the height of the rabbit. The rabbits should be able to sit up or lay down comfortably inside the carrier; a little extra space can prove to be beneficial.

Carriers that are made of hard plastic with suitable ventilation are apt for rabbits. There are many variations in size and shape, choose one that fits your pet. Some come as a single box and yet other are split horizontally into two sections. The latter is helpful in cleaning and removing the rabbit from the carrier. The door is made of wire grill so that the pet can have a view of what is happening outside. Pet carriers that are made of wire mesh on all sides with a pad at the bottom are not advisable to carry your pet rabbit. Too much of ventilation make the rabbit feel insecure. Soft fabric carrier is also risky as the rabbit can chew off the fabric within no time. Wicker pet basket is traditionally meant for carrying cats and the shape of the basket makes it unsuitable for a rabbit. It is a big no for cardboard boxes as there are few ventilation holes.

Make your pet rabbits feel comfortable at your home with the right rabbit accessories and with your undeterred love and care.


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