Is rawhide bad for dogs?

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Is rawhide safe for dogs

Many people like giving their dogs rawhide chews as a treat. Rawhide is  a popular treat rawhide-badthat is good for their teeth and believed to promote their natural chewing instinct. However, there are some drawbacks  from rawhide you probably don’t know, which will make you consider “Is rawhide bad for dogs”.

Are Rawhide bones bad for dogs

To begin with it’s important to understand that rawhide is an animal’s inner soft hide or skin. Commonly this comes from cows, but it can also come from pigs, sheep, horses, or water buffalos. Depending on where it’s made, it may contain added chemicals due to processing. Typically, it already has ash-lye, bleach, and hydrogen peroxide. Some countries (not the U.S.) also use arsenic and formaldehyde, which are then left behind for your dog to ingest. Besides not wanting to give these chemicals to your dog, rawhide also poses other concerns, including:

  • Rawhide poses a choking hazard because your dog can chew it into really small pieces,
    are rawhide bones bad for dogs

    Is rawhide bad for dogs

    which can become lodged in the throat.

  • When dogs swallow large pieces of rawhide their digestive systems can become blocked. The rawhide can also wrap around their intestines.
  • The Humane Society International has also discovered dog skin in rawhide from Thailand. Pay close attention to this because these chews are often sold in U.S. Stores.

So, if a rawhide manufacturing company was forced to add an  honest label on them, it would say: Side effects include  choking, vomiting, diarrhea, salmonella poisoning, stomach torsion and chemical poisoning.

If you pay attention, you might realize that most of these rawhide treats have their origins in China and other similar countries. The lesser said of their regulatory processes, the better. Hence, you should really consider weaning your dog off rawhide treats.

Alternatives to Rawhide treats

Now you can see why you don’t want to give your dog rawhide to chew on. However, you’re probably wondering what the alternatives to rawhide are. Fortunately, there are plenty for you to choose from, including:

1. Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are dried bull pizzles, which are digestible. There aren’t any choking hazards with these, although they’re basically the same size and shape as rawhide. They do work well as an treat, typically about once or twice a week since they’re meant to last for a few days. Make sure you thoroughly wash your hands after handling these.

A couple of my favourite bully sticks are:

a: Best Bully sticks: My Dog simply loves these ones. Choose the 6 inch ones for smaller dogs and 12 inch ones for larger dogs. Click here to buy on Amazon

b:HDP Select: These are suitable for medium to larger dogs. With all the benefits and none of the harms from rawhide, they make a great choice for dog treat. They become chewy and are easy to digest. They have high protein content and low fat content making them ideal as a regular treat for your dog. Check them out on amazon here and do read the amazing customer reviews from those who have used them.

2. Deer Antlers

Deer or elk antlers are odorless and won’t splinter, especially if you buy the naturally shed ones. The nooks and crannies in them will also really help your dog clean their teeth.

It is important to use deer antlers that are cleaned and cut. I love the centre cut antlers by Pawstruck on Amazon. These are naturally shed antlers collected in Canada and processed in US are subjected to quality control. The best aspect is that they are centre cut which means they will not stab your dog in the mouth or present a choking hazard unlike uncut antlers.

3. Himalayan Dog Chews

Yak or Himalayan chews are made out of yak’s milk. While you wouldn’t imagine them as hard and thick, that’s exactly what they are. Nonetheless, they’re also yielding. Since these are all-natural, there’s no concern about bacteria, choking, digestion, or smell. All things considered, most people think these are one of the best types of chews available today. They are more effective at cleaning teeth than other chews and are odorless and do not stain carpets. I recommend the original himalayan dog chew on Amazon.

4. Pegetables

Pegetables is another healthy treat to feed your dog based on your best judgment. These are all-natural treats made from vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, and peas. All of these are low in carbohydrates and the treats themselves also don’t contain any grain or corn, are gluten free and are rich in  anti-oxidants and omega fatty acids. As such, don’t worry about overfeeding your dog these highly digestible treats.Pegetables dog chews will help him clean his teeth and freshen his breath which is an added advantage if your dog has smelly breath. Click here to buy Pegetables from the original company on Amazon.

5. Jones Natural Chews

Jones’ natural chews sell pork ears, bully sticks, and ligaments with bones. They also have American-made chew treats now. Many dog owners love these and believe this company is very trustworthy, offering nothing but high-quality products. You can feed your dog a few of these treats as often as you’d like since they’re so healthy for him. Check them out on Amazon by clicking here.

6. Tripe Sticks

Tripe sticks are a great low-fat option to rawhide. These won’t last as long as bully sticks though. They usually come in springs and sticks and contain many fatty acids, which does make them a bit stinky. So, the best time to treat your dog to one of these is while on a walk or at a dog park (remember your manners, make sure there aren’t any other dogs around) where your dog deserves lots of treats you won’t fret over giving him.

Check them out on Amazon by clicking here.

7. Kongs

Kongs typically come in red, but they’re now available in various other colors too. Made of rubber and oblong in shape, they’re made with a place for you to stuff in some treats and spreads that will interest your dog in chewing on them for hours at a time. They’re advertised as indestructible. These are not natural though and there have been some cases where dogs have ingested them and got intestinal blockages.

8. Marrow Bones

Marrow bones are made of either femurs or hip bones, which are full of marrow. You have to keep them frozen until you’re ready to supervise your dog as he enjoys one since they’re so messy. You’d only want to feed him one a week.

Why do we need to give dogs dental chews

All of this is important to understand because dogs need to chew. Historically, wild dogs would tear through a wild animal’s skin to get the meat they needed to eat. This would clean their teeth naturally. However, now that we’ve domesticated dogs, feeding them dry dog food, they don’t get the chance to clean their teeth like this. Therefore, plaque can easily build up on them resulting in infections, kidney problems, heart disease, gingivitis, gum disease, periodontitis, and bad breath. Of course, not chewing enough can also lead to tooth decay and loss. So, your dog inherently has a need to chew, especially when they’re a puppy. When they don’t have the opportunity to do so, they’ll become destructive and restless and may look to satisfy this urge by picking out household items.

Can I give my dog rawhide?

So, why would you still want to give your dog rawhide treats after we have mentioned these alternatives which are better. There are many better options than giving your dog rawhide. While it does take a bit to make the switch, especially if your dog is persnickety, you’re doing the right thing by sticking with it. Taking the time to make the switch now will add years to their life later on.

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