How many times a day should I feed my dog

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A little education on a dog’s life cycle is imperative when you are not sure how to properly care for it. You should know that the first year is usually critical in the personal development of your puppy. During this special time of its life, your puppy is growing emotionally and physically, while also learning many new skills. As a responsible pet-owner, you will need to know what to expect from your dog, given its age, size and breed, and to provide it with the nutrition is needs.

A brief introduction is a prerequisite before discussing the frequency at which you should feed your dog. We will discuss the frequency of feeding for both a puppy and an adult dog.

 When it comes to the diet, it must be specifically chosen in order to strengthen bones and teeth as

Schedule for feeding your puppy

Feeding your puppy

well as help in the optimal development of body functions, excellent vision and a healthy and bright fur.

Although the first year of growth is often the most startling time for changes as your puppy matures, it is necessary to provide appropriate nutrition throughout their lives. 

Your puppy’s nutritional needs will change as it grows up or breeds. As it hits a growth spurt, you maY find they are eating several times what they do otherwise.  

Most breeds tend to finalize the growth and development within a year. However, some large breeds may need up to two years – like the Saint Bernard. It is crucial to remember that most dogs will eat as much as they are given and obese dogs are no healthier than adult humans. Therefore, feed them they are hungry and not bored, lonely or jealous of your meal for best results.

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How Many Times a Day Should I Feed my  Dog

Most experts concur that an adult dog should be fed twice a day. Ideally, the food should be divided in to two parts with the dog being fed once in the morning and once in the evening.

There should be a gap of 8-12 hours between meals for dogs. You need to set a fixed time at which you feed your dog daily. It is important to give a limited time for the dog to eat. Don’t put a large amount of food in their bowl and then leave it for hours. Instead, Give 20 minutes as the maximum time in which your dog learns to eat the food. After 20 minutes, take the bowl away. Soon, the dog will learn to eat within the stipulated time period.

How Much Food Should You Feed Your Dog?

There are various factors that determine the amount and type of food you should be feeding your dog. Ideally, consult a veterinarian to determine this. The dog’s activity level, age, weight and medical condition are some factors that affect the quantity of food that your pet needs.

I have included a dog food calculator in the resource section at the bottom of this article.

Food requirements of a puppy

The growth rhythm and energy of a puppy must be thoroughly analyzed when you are determining the best food for them. Puppies need extra calories and fat as they grow, especially when they are very young. The food must ensure a perfect balance and bring in essential qualities and nutrients, like amino acids (which build proteins), phosphorous and calcium in adequate amounts. You will find out that a lot of people feed their dogs whatever they have around, such as meat or even cooked food. While this is not terrible as a rare treat, long-term access to human food can make your puppy sick or not grow as they should.

You should also know that commercial food is not always the best for your puppy, so read a few reviews upfront too.

 How many times a day should I feed my puppy

A puppy must be fed around three times a day for the first four months of life. At that point, its nutritive

schedule for feeding dog

Dog feeding schedule

demands tend to become constant. After four months, a puppy can be fed two or three times a day. After six months of life, two times a day is fine.

Scheduled meals is very important. Puppies have smaller stomachs, but have sophisticated dietary needs. The stomach is not large enough to accommodate enough food, hence the necessity to do it a few times a day.

Other than that, never underestimate the necessity of fresh water. Fresh water must be in the respective bowl round the clock, so always keep an eye on it.

How long your puppy’s meals should last

A puppy will most likely eat whatever it can within 20 minutes or less. Therefore, do not let it go on longer than that. As with mature dogs, remove the bowl after 15 to 20 minutes. Doing so also relates to house training, as well. Your dog will also learn to understand that you are entitled to take its food away when you consider that it had enough. As for water, there are no actual restrictions about it. In fact, there should be plenty of it.

Specialists also recommend paying attention to quantities when feeding your puppy. It is hard to tell what the perfect feeding schedule for a dog is because each breed has different necessities. Besides, even different puppies from the same breed may have specific requirements. A little research on breeds and age standards will work a very long way. You should aim for body suppleness.

What not to feed your puppy

There are a lot of things that you should never feed your puppy, yet sadly, it still occurs.  They fail to realize that they endanger their furry friends’ lives. So what should you avoid?


  • Bones are never recommended, especially when they come from chicken. They are thin and can get stuck
    dog feeding

    Feeding food to puppy

    in the throat. At the same time, they may also pierce the stomach walls, as well as the intestinal tract.

  • Remains and leftovers from your meals should be avoided. They tend to have extra calories that do not meet your dog’s nutritional needs.
  • Cat food does not carry the right nutritional standards for cats, so give it to Fluffy and give Fido what he needs.

Keep in mind that dogs will love all these unhealthy foods, so it is up to you to keep their diets under control.


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