Pink Dog Crates: Top 5 Cages, Kennels and Carriers

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5 Pink Dog Crates for your girlpink dog crate

If you are on the hunt for a different crate for your dog, it’s possible to find one in one of your favorite colors. Many pet-owners search high and low for the right crate, not only to keep their pets safe while away, but to prevent their dog from creating a huge mess, while their pet parent is running errands. Usually, owners of female dogs will search high and low for pink dog crates not only to keep them safe and sound but to make let their girls make a fashion statement. A pink cage looks really pretty and is something that any visitor will appreciate.

If you want to find the most comprehensive list of pink dog crates without spending a small fortune, then you’re in luck. We have collected a list of the five best pink dog crates around, that not only are fashionable, but they will give you a sense of relief when your pet needs to stay at home for an afternoon and will fit any budget.

The Perfect Pink Dog Crate For Your Dog

Finding the right crate is essential to any housebreaking program. However, many pet parents make the mistake of purchasing a crate that is too large for their pet. The best way to find the right crate for your dog is to look for one that will give him or her enough room to lay down, stand and to turn around in. Your pet does not want to have an accident where they sleep, so finding one that is not too large for their breed, would be ideal. Crates come in several colors and styles, and seeing the perfect kennel will depend on if they’re aggressive, an escape artist, or if your dog is the laid-back type, who’s happy just to relax while you’re away.

Make sure that the crate you choose is assembled well, preferably with sturdy latches, and that the bars are firmly attached to the base of your pet’s kennel, to prevent any injuries. The best material for your pet’s crate should be made with either heavy-gauged wire or from steel, which will withstand the strength of your dog’s jaw. The crate should also be fastened with nuts and bolts that are made of the same material. Also, it should be easy to clean, in case of any accidents and will keep your pet happy and healthy.

There are different ways pet parents make fashion statements. Some dress up their dogs, some buy beautiful dog crates, clothes, and accessories.Some take a different approach, like buying dog crates that look like furniture or buying dog sofas that look elegant and match the theme of their house.

Best Pink Dog Cages

1.)Pet Tek DreamCrate Professional Series

The Pet Tek DreamCrate Professional Series 200 makes assembling a breeze, without compromising the safety of your pet. Made out of durable metal, and comes with a mesh floor and plastic pan that is easy to clean and put together. Your puppy will not have to worry about being snagged or poked at due to its lack of sharp edges and keeps them from barking and chewing tendencies. The mesh flooring allows for easy clean-up, which is perfect for your puppy who’s going through the motions of learning how to crate train. The Pet Tek DreamCrate Professional Series 200 comes in pink, comes with a heavy-duty carrying handle, two entry doors at the front and top and is perfect for most medium-sized puppies at 24 inches wide by 20 inches high and 18 inches deep which provides them a safe and comfortable area to rest.

  • 24″W x 20″H x 18″D
  • Heavy Duty handle to carry your puppy anywhere you go
  • Easy to clean pan


The Pet Tek DreamCrate series 200 has two doors, for easier access to clean the crate and for their puppy to walk out when needed. The easy to clean tray makes keeping your pet’s kennel clean a breeze, and the quick set-up makes preparing your crate a snap, so your dog can begin crate training straight away.


The latch, which is not bent can lead to small children opening the crate with ease, potentially causing problems if your pet is not good with little ones. Pet Tek DreamCrate series 200 does not have a wide variety of sizes.

2.) IRIS Wire Dog Crate

IRIS has been providing pet owners with quality solutions for their furry family members, since 1971. Their wire dog crate is no exception when it comes to keeping your pet safe without paying a small fortune, quality, and style. It’s [easyazon_image align=”center” height=”318″ identifier=”B00BD8KN3C” locale=”US” nw=”y” src=”” tag=”atzpc-20″ width=”500″]extra large, with more than nine feet of room for your small-to-medium sized pet to play and relax in. The IRIS Wire Dog Crate is made with a heavy gauge wire that is coated with epoxy on all sides with a full-sized sliding door and secured with a positive-lock latching system. The IRIS Wire Dog Crate comes in several colors, including Pink and has a mesh roof for extra ventilation and rubberized feet, to prevent skids and scratch marks on your flooring.

  • Dimensions 31” L x 44.25” W x 23.5” H
  • Has small and large size crates
  • Has rubberized feet, to make it easy to move around without scratching your floors.
  • Easy clean-up


It is really easy to clean the crate, and it comes in a variety of sizes. Easy to set-up, the IRIS Wire Dog Crate is assembled quickly, which takes away any frustration that may come across when using a dog crate for the first time.


The IRIS Wire Dog Crate is not very sturdy and can be ruined quickly, especially if your dog is a jumper. Also, the crate does not collapse, unless it’s completely disassembled.

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3.) ProSelect Crate Appeal Fashion Color Dog Crates

This budget-friendly dog crate has everything the more expensive brands offer and then some. They’re foldable, come with removable floor trays and divider panels and come in sizes ranging from small to extra large, with several colors to choose from, including pink. Crate Appeal Fashion Color Crates come with one door and is easy to set-up. These have been compared to the more expensive MidWest brand crates and can be used with several types of breeds.

  • Folds suitcase-style to easily take anywhere with you
  • Sturdy with close spaced wires
  • Ideal crates for many breeds, including Poodles, Labs, Pit Bulls, Chihuahuas, and many more
  • Removable divider and floor tray to make cleaning a snap


You will love the quality of this product and its easy setup. Having an easy to remove divider and floor tray makes cleaning your crate a snap, just take apart, spray it down and put it back together. The fact that the ProSelect Crate Appeal Fashion crates come in so many sizes and colors, that pet owners can choose the one that works best with their breed.


The pretty pink paint can be chipped if your dog is a biter. It can be a little tricky to set up initially.

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4.) BestPet 36” 3 Door Pet Wire With Metal Pan and DIvider

BestPet is one of the more recognized names when it comes to quality and affordability for your pet’s needs. This three-door folding crate dog crate is perfect for any small to medium sized breed. Easy to set up, which takes less than a minute, and it comes with a divider and removable pan, so cleanup is a snap. It’s great for indoor and outdoor use and has two bolt latches for every doorway, to keep your pet safe. The BestPet 36” crate comes in Pink.

  • Each panel is 24″L x 42″ H
  • Setup takes a minute and bring it anywhere with you
  • Multiple uses whether you are using it as a Kennel, Crate Training and you can use it both inside and outside


You will love the ease of access from BestPet’s three-door system as well as the flexible midgate, which will grow with your puppy. You will also be happy with the quality of the crate.


The crate is not for heavy-duty use. It can fall apart after heavy use. There are a limited number of sizes.

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5.) MidWest iCrate Single and Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

Designed to keep your pets safe and secure, MidWest has created the sturdy iCrate single-door system. It features slide-bolt latches, durable Electro-Coat finish and rounded corners to keep not only your dogs safe but your loved ones who may bump into your pet’s crate. There is a  removable plastic pan that is simple to clean, and it’s foldable, so you can bring your crate wherever you go and comes with a divider that grows right along with your pet. It comes with a one-year limited warranty and support from MidWest’s customer service.

  • iCrate measures at 24″L x 18″W x 19’H which is perfect for small pets
  • Includes a sturdy handle to carry your pet and roller feet to keep your floors scratch-free
  • Folds quickly for storage and travel


Decent quality at a budget price. Easy to set up and clean.


The crate is a little flimsy and can fall apart after regular use.

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So, there you go. Here are some awesome options to get your girl a beautiful pink crate. Make sure any crate you buy meet the safety requirements.

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