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A to Z Pet Care strives to be a comprehensive resource for pet care and training. Our main areas of focus are cat and dog care, grooming, health and training. We also cover other small pets, reptiles, and fishes. We have an excellent team of contributing authors who ensure the quality of content remains top notch on the blog.

Our Team

Kacey SmithKacey S is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer who has been involved in animal rescue for more than twelve years. She’s currently back in school and working to attain a DVM degree. Kacey is passionate about using her skills and experience to help strengthen the relationship between owner and pet. She lives in Ohio with her husband and a small swarm of rescue dogs. She contributes regular content to A to Z Pet Care.
Carol C is a regular at A to Z Pet Care contributing insightful articles on dog care, products and training. She has loved animals from the time of her first childhood pet, a duck named Fluff. From then, it’s been a steady parade of dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, horses, cows, goats, and sheep. In addition to writing, she’s worked as a vet tech, cow hand, and has owned a pet sitting/in-home dog boarding business for more than 30 years. She shares her home these days with two indulged dachshunds.


dog-lab-RSRoberta S is the chief editor of A to Z Pet Care. She also contributes many of the articles on the site. She is well-versed in pet care with a background in dog training and lives with her 5 dogs and 3 cats. She uses her extensive experience to contribute quality articles to the site and also ensures that no errors creep in with her editing skills.




 Gage O brien popularly known as Pawfessor Gage is  a full time dog trainer in Tracy California. He is responsible for dog training videos on our youtube channel. He also contributes dog training articles to the website.



mir-ali-catMir Ali is a pet lover who is another contributor to A to Z Pet Care. He is more of a cat person and loves feeding strays when out for a walk in the city. . He takes care of the technical stuff of the site and ensures its up and running smoothly and also contributes articles.



Saniya-A-catSaniya A is cat crazy lady who contributes to the content as well as steering the direction of the website. She loves her two cats Snowie and Tom and has much to say in the matters of cat care and training. She is also involved in local animal rescue and takes initiatives to address the plight of stray animals locally.