Products Needed for a New Dog: Dog Equipment Basics

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Equipment for a new dog

Finally, you have a pet dog home! Welcome to the world of dog companionship. From now on, your world is going to change forever. Similar to how you welcome a new child into your family, dogs also need a rock star welcome into your family. So, what are the things needed for a new dog? Finding them the right essential equipment to stay healthy can ensure they lead a contented life. A dog that is adequately fed, has good rest and sufficient exercise is healthy and happy.

Dog collar, leashes and harnesses for a new dog

Before taking your new pet home, you will need a collar and leash. This is the essential equipment you will need to take control of your canine pet. Choose one that can give identification for your loved one. Before selecting a collar or lease, consider the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the collar? Is it used just for identification or is it used to walk a dog on the leash
  • Is the collar suitable for my dog? Does it have any physical limitations? Dogs prone to tracheal collapse have special collar equipment. The veterinarian can help you choose the right fit for your dog.
  • What would be the correct collar size? Will any collar fit my dog? Just mention the breed and age of the dog, and the pet store can come up with the right fit for your dog.
  • Here is an article on our site about harness training a puppy.

Choosing the Right Collar Style and Leash

Collars vary in style and function. There are flat collars that come in varied material, including leather, nylon, etc. The color variation and patterns are abundant and can be matched to your dog. The closure ranges can be a buckle or clip and made metal or plastic. Flat collars are apt to hold identification tags. 

Martingale collars are specially designed for dogs that slip their head out of the flat collar easily. They come with two loops for more protection. The loops are made of nylon and are adjustable. The larger loop is placed around the dog’s neck and the smaller loop is used to attach the leash. With a Martingale collar, there is no way your dog can slip out or get choked. Use a sturdy leash for a big breed and a long one for smaller breeds. 

Harnesses are generally safer for the dog when compared to a collar. The harness fits on the dog’s chest and does not give them a chance to escape.

Perfect Bed for Your New Dog

Proper rest can keep your dog active throughout the day and providing the right bedding ensures that your dog gets ample rest. Though dogs love to cuddle in the bed with you, remember that it’s not a healthy habit to allow them on your bed. Dogs play in the outdoors and may have fleas on their body, making them unsuitable between your sheets. Give them privacy by providing them with a comfortable bed. Which bed suits your canine friends the best?

  • Order a bed based on the size of your dog. Too large of a bed can make them insecure, and too small of a bed can make them anxious, and a small one will leave them hunting for a new sleeping spot
  • Buying a bed does not guarantee that your dog sleeps there. Train your dog to sleep on its bed and do not change the position of the bed, as it may confuse your dog. Keep the bed in a private, quiet corner.
  • The right bedding material is solid with the right frame will be suitable for large dogs, and small fillers are ideal for smaller breeds. Clean the bed every week and having removable bed covers can make it easier to wash. Dry the dog bed in the sun or in a hot dryer to avoid infection
  • If you would love a fancy dog bed, dog sofa beds look amazing and are really comfy.
  • Some dogs shred their bed in no time. If your canine friend has destructive tendencies, it would be best to get an indestructible dog bed for him.
  • Additionally, you would want to get a good dog crate for your dog. Here is an article on how to select the right size dog crate for your buddy. Or if you like fancy dog crates that look like furniture, take a look at that article.
  • If your dog has separation anxiety and destructive tendency, it would be best to get him a really strong indestructible dog crate.

Eating and Drinking Bowls

  • The breed should be considered when buying a food and water bowl. Long-eared dogs need high raised bowls, and tiny dogs need low rim bowls
  • Elderly dogs need shallow bowls that make it easier for them to reach inside. Puppies will benefit from small bowls to avoid falling inside.
  • Strong dogs will need a stainless steel bowl with rubber edges to fix the bowl firmly onto the ground. 
  • Double bowls with provision for food and water are commonly used these days
  • Here are some tips to choose the perfect bowl for your dog

Grooming Kit and Medications

Dogs often have shiny coats that can be enhanced with regular brushing. Fluffy dogs need to use a de-shedder to keep their hair in order. 

Some of the other grooming kits available in the market include:

  • Fur clipper
  • Clipper cooling tools
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Shampoo and grooming sprays
  • Brushes
  • Ear swabs and cleansers
  • Clipper blades.

If your dog breed is of thick long hair, it would be best if you invest in  heavy duty dog clippers like the ones mentioned in the article.

It is important to de-worm your pet to control parasites. There are both internal and external parasite control medications available with your veterinarian. Contact them for expert advice on how to keep your dogs healthy.

So, that’s about it for the basic equipment needed for your dog. It may very well vary according to the needs of your dog. Rest assured, there are plenty more options and things you can get your dog to pamper them with. Hope this article put you on the right track. Do share this post on your social media so that we can help new pet owners like you.

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