Dachshund clothing guide to pamper your dog

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A lot of dog owners choose to pamper their little friends. Some of them do it with an actual purpose.

Dachshund clothes

Dachshund Hat

Practically, they analyze the dog’s necessities, but they are also familiar with their lifestyles and specific problems (if any). On a side note, other dog owners buy clothes for their dogs because they are trendy or because their dogs look adorable when dressed up.

Although both groups of pet-owners are common, it is important to be sure of the safe of your dog at all times. That means being sure that none of the clothing is ripped or could suffocate your pet, while also verifying they do not overheat from the extra layers of clothing.

But then, assuming that you have already done your homework and you understand what your dog needs, you will most likely find a lot of dachshund clothing solutions. Just perform a brief search over the Internet and you will be impressed by what you can find. You might find Dachshund coats, Dachshund pajamas and even Dachshund hats.

When not sure what kind of design to get, you should check out as many products as possible. The more models you run into, the more ideas you will get. Therefore, making a wise decision becomes much easier. In addition, it is a good idea to pay attention to all the requirements associated with dachshund clothing. While many manufacturers will claim that their products are excellent for the dachshund’s long body, taking some measurements upfront can prevent a lot of frustration.

Dachshund coats

Dachshund clothing

Just like many other breeds (especially small breeds), dachshunds tend to spend a lot of time indoors. They rarely have outdoor homes. Instead, they have their own small beds indoors, close to the owner’s bed. They might be taken out a few times a day, but you will also realize that they shake a little if the weather is too cold. Practically, they are not too good in adjusting to extreme weather conditions. While you can wear a few extra layers of yourself and minimize the cold, your dachshund will most likely require a thick cover on its back.

Dachshunds represent a breed with very short natural coats. There are similar breeds to the dachsund, but dachshunds are unique because of their long bodies that are low to the ground. Since their coats are not very protective, they are more likely to quickly experience temperature extremes. They start shivering quickly and will often stop as soon as they come to a heat source when they go back in.

Unfortunately, even an educated pet-owner may not know that dogs cannot sweat through their skin. Instead, they do it through their tongues. Dressing your dog in the summertime can be a fatal choice, if they are not closely watched the entire time.  Cold nights in mountainous areas might ask for a little protection, but this is it.

Fitting your dog with a Dachshund coat or a jumper

When shopping for your dog’s winter apparel, you need to know that the style is the last thing to

Dachshund Sweater

Dachshund Jumper

think about and not the first one. A lot of people do it differently. They buy clothes that look cute and nice, yet the dog’s comfort is overlooked. Such actions are not helpful for the animal. The admiration your dog might get from passers is irrelevant. Getting some words of appreciation? Fine. Everyone ignoring your dog? With this idea in mind, sizing is by far the most significant factor to pay attention to.

You will find clothes for small, medium or large dogs. Unfortunately, it is hard to come up with a precise definition for each of these sizing standards. Therefore, you should just measure the dog before ordering dachshund clothing. First, use measuring tape around the neck. You need the neck opening to be large enough or you will never be able to get the clothes on. Second, measure the widest part around the chest,and the distance between the waist and neck. The weight should be analyzed too, but mostly while searching. The actual size is clearly more significant.

Whether you opt for a coat, a jacket or a sweater, the fit must be snug. Avoid extra tight clothes, even if they look fit. The dog will not feel comfortable due to not being able to move. Plus, putting them on will be challenging and can lead to injuries. The real challenge targets the dog’s height  and length though. Dachshunds are short by nature, so the bottom part of such clothes must be relatively thin. It should not get caught while the dog walks or runs. Do not forget about the need to eliminate. The respective apparel must end around the waist.

Deciding on the ideal material

Once you have the sizing standards, move on to the actual materials. Just like for people, dachshund

Dachshund accessories

Dachshund coats

clothes comes in more materials, which affect the comfort, durability and looks. Before deciding on a beautiful and tiny wool jacket for your furry friend, you should know that wool is not the type of material you can wash in the washing machine without ruining it. Besides, chances are you will need to wash these clothes after a day or two anyway. Dachshunds also have short hair, so wool might feel itchy. This is only an example, but generally, you must hunt materials that are warm, comfortable, breathable and very easy to wash. In other words, wool might need to be mixed with cotton, but only if it is washable. Acrylic is very useful too.

Exploring the canine fashion industry

In order to meet all kinds of demands and weather conditions, you can find many different dog apparel items. Find out what your dog needs and focus on them. For instance, if you live in a northern or mountainous area, your dog is likely to need at least one coat. Tropical areas with short, mild winters may need just a light-weight sweater. In addition, waterproof protection may be appropriate and  safety vests are great to spot your dog in the night.

Other common types of dachshund clothes you might find include:

  • Dachshund Tops
  • Dachshund Bottoms
  • Dachshund Accessories like hats
  • Dachshund Costumes

Remember that some of these things are meant to be used for pictures or celebrations only.

Where to buy clothes for dachshund

I would just like to give a shout out to some friends who make clothes and accessories for Dachshund dogs. They have their online shops on etsy and make killer clothes. So, check them out. I’ll put up a few of my favorites here. Note that the images from their shop has been used with their permission. Just Click on the images to be taken to the product page where you can order them.

Buy Dachshund Sweater

Buy Dachshund Jumper

Dachshund jumper for girl dog

Dachshund sweater for girl dog

Cute Dachshund hoodie

Buy Dachshund Hoodie

Dachshund winter coats

Buy Winter coats for Dachshund

Dachshund winter coat

coats for winter dachshund

Winter coats Dachshund


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