The Persian Cat Grooming Guide

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What Is Your Cat  Known  For?

Persian cats are among the most popular breeds of the cats. Specifically, they are known for their long fur, short

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Beautiful Persian cat

muzzle and flat face.  In addition, you will notice their innocent eyes, and charming smile. Fortunately, they are as usually as beautiful inside as they are outside, so they are an easy animal to love. It is easy to live with this type of cat, because they are so calm and even-tempered.

It is interesting to point out that in the Middle East, it is also known as the Shiraz or Shirazi. The first ancestors of the Persian were imported into Western Europe from Persia around 1620.

Later, selective breeding has led to the many different coat colors to choose from.

  • Solid
  • Tabby
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Shaded
  • Smoke
  • Himalayan

Another created change for this lovely breed in recent years is the unique appeal of a flatter face. Although they are now known for this development, its evolution has also caused an increase in eye damage. Fortunately, the eye damage is not typically associated with any significant health challenges and simply requires regular cleaning for aesthetic purposes.

Why is Grooming So Crucial?

Grooming your cat is necessary for many different reasons. The obvious point of it is to keep the cat’s fur clean and shiny. Persian cats have a thick, fluffy coat of fur that often becomes even thicker during the cold months. Without regular grooming, tangles and clogs will form, resulting in an ugly coat that detracts from the physical appeal of this otherwise luxurious cat.

Another reason to groom your Persian is because they usually appreciate it so much. Like so many cats, they love being petted and cared for, so brushing them daily with a good brush is merely an extension of that. They love attention and as a responsible cat-owner, this is an ideal opportunity to give it to them. As long as you start the grooming process with your kitten or cat soon after you get it, you are unlikely to ever have a problem with a healthy Persian declining to be groomed. The trick is simply to get them used to it.

Another benefit to consider is that cats are naturally a clean animal and it is not unusual for them to spend up to 10% of their time grooming themselves. Therefore, between their work and yours, your Persian will never stay dirty or unkempt for long.

What  are  the  Important Steps to Grooming?

The actual grooming process has many steps and it is your responsibility to provide them daily. Firstly, make your

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Persian cat

pet comfortable by holding it gently, so it eventually associates grooming with being petted and held.

Remove the Tangles

This breed, because it is known for its long hair, must first have a coat free of tangles before proceeding to the other steps. For this, you may find that a comb with steel teeth is the most appropriate. Be sure to buy one with rounded edges on the bristle and avoid the sharper edges. A hair brush is not the best choice, as its size can make it possible to injure your feline.  Conveniently, cat grooming kits are available both at the stores and online.

Gently, comb your cat, never pressing too hard on their fur. Doing so will remove both knots and excess fur. When you have the coat as smooth as possible, you may need to trim their undercoat. A good trim by a professional every 6-8 weeks will make daily grooming much faster and easier.

The last places to check are the neck and the anal areas. After removing excess fur from the anal area, you may need to wipe the area down more securely. It should be thoroughly cleaned up, for the pet’s hygiene and future good health.

Bathing It!!

To prevent the discomfort of shampoo in your cat’s eyes or ears,  close the ears and eyes of your pet with cotton balls so that the water doesn’t get into them.

While washing the face, carefully rub the shampoo around the face without letting it affect the pet’s eyes. Choose a mild shampoo to clean the entire coat. Spread the shampoo gently across the body and roots of the fur in particular and slowly rub it in one direction from front to back. Ensure the complete removal of dirt and dust from the body. Rinse the animal with warm water until the water runs clear.

Some Persians enjoy playing in the water, while others dislike it strongly. Regardless, never make it too long of a bath and in many cases, cats that initially resent the bath are able to tolerate it.  Wrap the cat in a smooth cotton towel and drain the water from its body after bath. Use up to two to three towels to drain the maximum possible water instead of rubbing it with only one towel over the body and disturbing the fur orientation.

It doesn’t lose all the water, even if it does, the body still remains cool and water particles retained. It is also helpful to use a blow dryer, set on cool, for the thicker portions of their fur. After blowing, you can choose to brush the cat once again to straighten the hair strands and make them look their best.

Complete Cleaning: A Mission Accomplished!!

Your grooming job is certainly left incomplete, if all the other parts are not clean and in shape. Therefore, remember these final tips.

  • Eye Drainage, as mentioned earlier, can be a persistent problem in this breed due to its flat, structured face. The pressure of the tear drops cannot be held by the flat face of the pet, resulting in a constant flow of tears. By cleaning around it regularly, twice a day, with soft cotton balls is the best way to keep them looking happy.
  • Remove the dirt from the nails and examine their size and shape. Keep them small in size and round in shape, yet still useful for the cat to climb or protect itself, if necessary. .
  • Avoid the use of excess chemicals, whenever possible.
  • If you choose to dress up your pet, cotton fiber and pleasant colors are often the best choices.
  • Dust that has settled in their ears usually gets washed off while bathing, but if it persists, reuse the previously mentioned cotton balls.

Finally, your pet will be aware of the love you show it, the soft words you speak and how careful you are with it. Soon, your cat will look forward to a cozy and a joyous grooming experience, each and every time.

Brogan Renshaw
Brogan Renshaw

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