Silver fox make exotic pets

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Most of us want pets that are docile, unaggressive and least skittish animals. The regular pets that are available at thesilver-fox pet store or shelters have understandable behavioural traits. Certain households are moving from regular pets to rare pet types and there are loads of them available for sale either online or on special request from the pet shop. Domesticated silver fox are otherwise called the Siberian fox. It falls into the class Mammalia, order Carnivora, family Canidae and species Vuples vulpes (Red fox).This is a silver morph of the red fox family. These represent around 10% of the red fox family. These are tamer and have dog-like characteristics. They are black to grey in color with white tipped tail. Their fur is a priced possession and these animals are raised in farms for their fur. The coat is soft and glossy. The reason why silver fox fall into the pet animal category is because they have domesticated traits that are closely related to do a dog. They even bark like a dog.

Just about any wild animal can be domesticated for that matter, even minks, red pandas, chimpanzees are some of the examples of animals that have been picked from the wild and domesticated. The reason why researchers preferred to study silver fox domestication process is because of its nature to craving nature for attention from people. These have a bushy tail that wags while you see them. This trait is not seen in wild foxes. They do not come near humans and run away at the instance of spotting one or try to attack them. Their average life span is just 3 years in the wild but can live upto 10-12 years in captivity. Silver foxes are 17 to 35 inches long from head to the end of their body and the tail alone 12-22 inches long. Females are smaller than males and weight anywhere between 6 to 20 pounds.

Domesticated silver fox has generations of selective breeding to get them to the present state. The breeding process has been done carefully to exclude inbreeding. In actual sense they cannot be called wild as they have no connection to the wild except the name tag attached to it ‘Fox’. Left in the wild these beings will not survive.

Where to buy a silver fox?

These silver foxes trace their origin to Siberia and a company called SibFox sells these exotic breed that was created Silver Foxat a Siberian lab. The price is around $6000 but might vary depending on region and transportation. Though there were sellers in Indiana none of them were able to provide silver fox, though other varieties of foxes like red fox, arctic fox or gray fox were available. These are cheaper and are wild animals that cannot be tamed for personal use. There are online pet owners that can provide you with your choice but how far is it authentic needs to be seen. Do not buy one unless you are sure of the breed. People who are looking for exotic people are no ordinary people and should be prepared to change their lifestyle for the sake of their pets. Such people could at times be a little eccentric as well.

Silver fox habitat

These animals are found all over the Northern Hemisphere and Australia. These were introduced for hunting purpose and for their rich quality of fur. It is predominantly found in Siberia and in Caucasus mountain range.

Housing requirements for silver fox

This pet fox can live indoors or outdoors and all it requires is a roof over its head to protect from the vagaries of nature. You can use a cage that is big enough to accommodate the fox that is highly ventilated and hold soft fillers at the bottom. You can also use a dog kennel. At the indoors these foxes are comfortable sleeping on the bed or couch just like any other domestic animals.

Diet requirements for silver fox

These are carnivorous animals and have hunting instincts. They can also live on plant material when there is no meat available. In the wild they hunt small animals like mice, squirrels, rabbits, lemmings, etc and use sound to locate their prey. They ground their victim and kill by biting them. Silver fox eats 3-5 pounds of food in a week. As per the USDA guidelines these foxes have to be fed according to their body weight. Strict nutritional requirements have to be followed to avoid frequent veterinarian visits. Vegetables like cabbage or carrots can be added in their diet to improve digestion. Avoid food that has fat or bone content. Never over feed your pet fox. Provide as much water as possible to avoid dehydration. These are energetic animals and so set aside some time to play with them. The quality of the fur can explain the diet habits of the fox. A good diet can guarantee a silky, glowing fur.

Day to day habits of silver fox

These creatures are dog- like and you can walk them out on a leash. Just like your dogs and cats you can potty train your fox as well. They can also be trained to use litter box. These are friendly towards other domestic animals as well. Because of its thick fur brushing its hair is essential everyday and especially during summer when the fox will undergo molting period. Before starting on domesticating a silver fox it is check if it is legal in your locality. Exotic animal adoptions are driven by federal, state and local laws. In order to avoid any trouble it is advised to seek legal advice.

Vaccinations for silver fox

There are several vaccinations for silver fox and these include plague, rabies and salmonella. Consult your veterinarian before administering a shot. Periodical follow up with the veterinarian can ensure the good health of the animal.

Silver foxes are expensive animals, unless you can afford their shelter, food and companionship never attempt to buy one. Just like any other animal these tend to bite when threatened, so keep a close watch while allowing them near children.

Elyce Nicholls
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