10 Easy Pets to Take Care Of For People With No Time

Last updated on March 21st, 2015 at 10:25 am

5. Birds

Just like fish, birds are also colorful additions to your family. But they are not as easy to take care as fish.

Birds are easy pets to take care of


These are intelligent pets and require lot of attention and care. These feathery friends take more time than your furry or scaly companions. Birds are known to flock together, therefore get them a pair to keep them occupied.

Depending on the size of the bird get a cage. Give them room to spread their wings. There are some species of bird that live up to 50 years and are therefore a lifelong commitment.  Their diet habits are complex and may need daily preparation. Fresh fruits and vegetables cut to size can be fed depending on the breed.

Be careful while picking a bird. They can be expensive and come with lot of responsibilities. Some exotic birds are also available, with a big price and extra maintenance.  Some of the birds in demand are Finch, these are inexpensive and need little human intervention. Budgerigar is a small parrot that is easy to care for, while the canary is a good first bird.

6. Rabbits

These long eared, light weight burrowing animals definitely can turn out to be your best friend.

Rabbits are easy to care for

Rabbits are cute to have as pets

Rabbits are indoor animals that can make great pets, even with limited space. They are usually caged and there are more than 60 varieties of rabbits to choose from. Rabbits can live for about 10 years and are gentle animals that have to be taken care of. The have a delicate digestive system and need a special diet. Feed them the right nutrients and they will live happily.

Ensure that these are kept in a quiet environment. Rabbits are vegetarian and should be spayed or neutered. Rabbits have to be kept away from predators. Rabbits can be litter-box trained, like cats..

Rabbits are social animals and need special affection. Choosing the right breed can make your petting experience pleasurable. Rabbits can multiply quickly; with proper training you can start breeding them. Rabbits can be useful as well, as  rabbit manure can be a great fertilizer for your garden. Raising rabbits can be a fun experience

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