How to take care of a rabbit

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Socialization tips

Rabbits are the most active during dawn and dusk. This feature is called crepuscular. If you want your

Rabbits are easy to care for

Rabbits are cute to have as pets

rabbits to have the right exercise it is best to allow them out of the enclosure during dawn or disk. This can help the rabbit socialize with your family members and also give them the much needed exercise. Never let your rabbits in the open without proper supervision. Their health and safety comes first.

Spaying or neutering a rabbit is important to prevent accidental litters. Moreover it also helps the female stay healthy. It can also help prevent hormone driven behavior in the males.

Providing the right space for exercise for your domesticated rabbits is important to make them more interactive. Inexpensive running tracks can be used for running and jumping. The best way to interactive with your pet is to stroke them affectionately every day. But not all rabbits are interactive. Mostly these are shy animals and are laid back.

Laterally placed eyes do not allow them to see up close objects that are directly in front of them. Therefore it is advised not to approach them in the front. It is advised against picking a rabbit. But if you want to do so, pat them in between the eye to make them comfortable and then pick them up. It is best to sit down or knee before you pick the rabbit to prevent injury incase of an accidental fall.

Provide them with toys to keep them occupied. This can give them the required exercise. There are non corrugated card boxes that can work as suitable toys for your pet rabbits. Use non toxic wood so that they can chew without fear of any side effects. Hard plastic baby toys are also recommended.

The more secure the environment, the more sociable they become. Rabbits take time to get customized to the new environment. They love to live in predictable surroundings and a new home can initially be a traumatic experience for them. Correct handling can help tackling behavioral issues like nipping and boxing.

Rabbit behavioral patterns have to be studied to ensure that they are not under some discomfort. Checking the cage and ensuring they are normal is essential to keep the rabbit healthy. If you find any change in behavioral patterns it is advised to visit your veterinarian immediately.

Rabbits are social animals and love to remain in groups. It is therefore advised to get in pairs or trios. Most pet homes and rescue shelter offer rabbits as pairs when it comes to adoption to give each other company. If you have a single rabbit it is high time you adopt another from your nearest pet shop. While deciding on a pair, make sure that the new rabbit is sociable and can adapt to the new surroundings. Local rabbit groups can ensure that you pick the right pair for your pet rabbit so that bonding process is easier.

Remember unlike dogs or cats, rabbits do not like to be used as play toys. They don’t like to be cuddled or touched. They are different when it comes to psychology and physiology in comparison to other domesticated animals. They require special attention and supervision. Unless you are prepared to spend some valuable time with the rabbit or taking care of their needs do not attempt to bring them home. There are local animal shelters that can prove to be the right destination to adopt a rabbit.

Rabbit Handling

Appropriate care while handling the rabbit can ensure that they are not injured. Rabbits are light boned and should be handled from a young age. You can injure the rabbit by holding it by their ear or by their scruff or the skin on their back. Rabbits can be easily frightening and hence do not expose them to unfamiliar situations. A face to face interaction with the rabbit is not advisable.

While picking a rabbit ensure you consider their size and the nature of the pet. Do not pick a rabbit when it shows signs of frustration. While picking up support the hind part of the rabbit with your hand to avoid spinal injuries. Any injury to the spine can lead to euthanasia. In order to avoid this it is best to handle them safely. Rabbits feel safe while resting on their hind legs on the elbow of the handler. Be careful while handling a rabbit as they might bit or scratch while in pain. These are delicate creatures and have to be treated with care and affection.

Rabbits are prey animals hence are averse to being picked up. Do not pick them until they are accustomed to you.

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